This Champagne is More Than Ice: Our Favorite Combos

This Champagne is More Than Ice: Our Favorite Combos

July 11, 2019 Cocktails Wine 0
Your motto for today: go big or go home.

We’re well into the dog days of summer. In these trying times, rules are simply made to be broken. Besides, if you’re going to break the rules, might as well go all out and add the (maybe literal) cherry on top.

We know that Moët Ice is the Champagne made to be enjoyed on ice (newsflash: it’s in the name), but adding fruit takes it to the next level. We’ve tasted (literally) dozens of combinations, so we’ve narrowed it down to our top ten. Your favorite will depend on your palate, so we recommend that you try them all and decide which one is best for you.


Ice + Lemon

This is the combination for someone with a palate that prefers a strong acidity over sweetness. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc lovers, this is the combo for you.


Ice + Mint + Lime + Strawberries

The voluptuousness of the strawberries is counteracted by the mint and lime. This combination compliments the fruit-forwardness of Moët Ice, without dominating the flavor profile.


Ice + Basil + Lime + Strawberries

It’s well known that strawberry and basil make for a great pair, but adding lime and Moët Ice takes it up a notch.



Moët Ice. Plus exactly 3 ice cubes. Even straight out of the bottle, if you wish. No fuss. With notes of raspberry, mango and a zip of ginger, this is still an excellent Demi Sec Champagne. Now, it is extra chilled (and extra bubbly) for the hottest of Fripp days.


Ice + Mint + Lime + Watermelon

Tip: 2019 watermelon season at Dempsey Farms ends on July 30th, so make your way there ASAP so you can enjoy this drink with the freshest watermelon.


Ice + Basil + Lime

This is the drink for the person who may prefer Chardonnay to Pinot Grigio. The basil will add the flavor you’re craving, while still making for a great summer cool down cocktail.


Ice + Mint + Lime

This is a Mojito, but waaaay better (if that is even possible). The sweetness of the Moët Ice is perfectly complimented by the combination of lime and mint. Just don’t forget to muddle the mint and lime first.


Ice + Basil + Lime + Peach

We’re not just trying to plug South Carolina peaches here (by the way, fact: SC produces more peaches than GA), but this combination is certainly a good use of our superior peaches.


Ice + Mint + Lime + Cucumber

When we say Moët Ice pairs perfectly with the Beaufort Sandbar, this is what we’re dreaming of. If you love gin cocktails, this is the one for you.


Ice + Grapefruit + Ginger

Yeah, this is our #1 choice. We were skeptical too, until we tried it for ourselves. This combo turns up the acidity, emphasizing the ginger and grapefruit notes in Moët Ice. This is made for summertime patio sunsets.